Why should I hire Pet Care by Cynthia?


Professional and Dedicated: We don’t hire hobbyists. We hire professional animal lovers who are trained to care for your pets. Each of our pet care providers obtain Pet First Aid and Pet CPR certification through Pro Pet Hero to ensure that they know what to do in case of a serious accident. We also provide ongoing training in animal behavior, safety, and animal body language, so we can provide valuable information to you about your pet.


Bonded and Insured: When you hire Pet Care by Cynthia, you are hiring a company that has purchased a surety bond, protecting you as the property owner in the event a job is not completed. We are also insured in the State of Texas, protecting your property in the event of damage to your property.


License, Certification and Insurance information is available to our customers upon request.



What is the hiring process of your staff?


Pet Care by Cynthia takes extreme caution in our hiring process. Our screening process includes a phone interview, followed by a face-to face interview with Cynthia, then a third interview with one of our senior pet care providers. If we believe it's a good fit, we do a reference check, followed by complete background check. And before anyone we hire goes out on the field, we provide field training designed to take care of your pet to the standards that you expect.


Will I always get the same pet care provider?


We understand that pets feel safe when they are in familiar surroundings and familiar people. That's why we strive to schedule only two pet care providers for your pet. A primary care giver, and a secondary pet care provider, as a backup. This gives you peace of mind that your pet will not be taken care of by someone who is unfamiliar to them and that will make your pet just as comfortable.


Do you require a consult before services are rendered?


Yes. This consult allows you and your pet to meet with your assigned pet provider, discuss the particulars of how you want your pet taken care of, medications that your pet may need administered, health and/or physical limitations of your pet, and your pets general routine.


If you’d like to interview me before you decide to use Pet Care by Cynthia, I would personally be happy to sit down with you and your pet, tell you all about Pet Care by Cynthia, and give you a complimentary welcome packet!


Do you have references?


We would be happy to provide you with references during our consult or interview. In the meantime, visit our Testimonial page on our website. You’ll find quotes from customers that have used Pet Care by Cynthia to take care of their precious pets.

Do you require proof of vaccinations?


Pet Care by Cynthia does not require proof of vaccinations; however, we may ask for vaccination records should there ever be an incident while on a leashed walk, pet transport, pet care provider injury, pet injury, etc.


Will any other pets or guests be allowed in my home?


Absolutely not. Only authorized Pet Care by Cynthia pet care providers and your emergency contact (should we ever need them). In the event of an emergency (appliances, air conditioning, heating, electricity, plumbing emergencies, etc.), there will be clear communication with you, and we take every precaution to ensure the safety of your home and your pets.


How do you communicate with me about services?


We use Time To Pet to schedule your requested services, update pet information and communicate with the Pet Care by Cynthia management team and your pet care provider. Time to Pet is an all-in-one application that can be used on your computer, phone or tablet. You have 100% access to Time To Pet and your pets schedule at all times. You can also update files and see when your pet care provider will be arriving at your home.


What should I expect on dog walks?

During our consult, we ask what your dogs preferred route is, and we make every effort to walk that route, always keeping your dog and our pet care provider’s safety in mind. And while we understand that your pet may have dog friends that they may typically walk with, we want your pet to stay completely safe while in our hands. For that reason, we will not walk your dog with other dogs. Lastly, we will never take your dog off a leash during walks or take them to a dog park, as that can present unexpected consequences.


What should I expect for overnight services?

Overnight services begin at 10:30 PM until 6:30 AM (8 Hours), although our pet care provider may arrive as early as 9:30 PM and leave as late as 7:30 AM for no additional charge. Pet Care by Cynthia will notify you via Time to Pet when the pet care provider has arrived and left your home. Communication and updates will be sent up until 11:00 PM and resume as early as 6:00 AM to allow you, your pet, and your pet care provider time to rest and relax. Between the hours of 11:00  PM and 6:00 AM, please contact Cynthia directly for any emergencies.


What about pooping and scooping?


If we are scheduled to take your pet for a walk, we will pick up their poop. If we provide pet care in your home, we will pick up any poop that occurs during their backyard time. For cats, we scoop and refresh the litter box once a day.


What happens during inclement weather?

Safety for your pet and our pet care provider is always taken into consideration when caring for your dog. If it is raining, snowing, sleeting, or the concrete is icy, we will try our best to complete the service scheduled, finding a safe and comfortable area for your dog to relieve themselves. As always, we will clean up after your dog as much as possible given the conditions. We will not take your dog for a walk when there are thunderstorms in the area, but we will find a way to allow your dog to relieve themselves. Safety first!


During hot days, we will walk your dog on grass and never on concrete. We will also take water with us as a precaution. If temperatures are above 90 degrees, we may shorten the walk if your pet is showing any unusual behaviors. For their safety, if we feel we shouldn’t walk your dog, we will notify you immediately.


When is payment due?


Payment is due within 48 hours prior to the service requested. Once we confirm our availability for services, we’ll send you a text or email, along with an invoice. Services are confirmed once payment is received. Payments are typically posted to your account within 48 hours.


We do not accept partial payments or deposits. Only full payments are accepted for services to be confirmed.


We use PayPal for payment. We will only accept checks or cash during the initial consultation.


​Tips are greatly appreciated but never expected. If you’d like to send a tip after services are rendered, you can send it via PayPal or mail a check to:



                  Pet Care by Cynthia

                  608 Washington Square Drive

                  Leander, TX 78641


Please indicate which pet care provider the tip is for. We will notify you whenever we receive a tip for any of our pet care providers.


What if need to cancel, shorten or extend services?


We understand that unexpected changes can occur when you are away from home, and we do our very best to accommodate those changes.


If you need to extend service after they have begun, please notify us immediately so we can make arrangements to continue care for your pet. We will send you an invoice for the additional services and ask that you pay for the services as soon as possible. You will be notified in Time to Pet what services will be provided during the extended period.


If you are arriving earlier than expected, please notify us immediately so we can notify the pet care provider in advance of your arrival. Unfortunately, we do not refund or credit for early arrivals, as our pet care providers go to great lengths to make arrangements to care for your pet for a specific time period.


If you need to cancel services, our cancellation policy is as follows:


  • Seven day or more prior to services = 100% Refund

  • Between four and six days prior to services = 80% Refund

  • Anytime within three days prior to services = No Refund


If our pet care provider is in route to your home, or services are cancelled when they arrive, no refund will be issued. In addition, same day service charges will not be refunded once paid.


How do I get started?


Give us a call at (512) 704-3136 or shoot us an email at petcarebycynthia@gmail.com. Please let us know how you found us, the neighborhood and zip code you live in, all living pets in your care, the services you are inquiring about and any possibly upcoming trips.