Part of the Pet Care by Cynthia family since 2017

Hi, I'm Heidi and animals are my passion and always will be. I'm a proud pet parent to Scooby-Doo, an eight-year-old rat terrier, and Miss Kitty, a 2-year-old cat but consider all my fur-clients my ‘good buddies.’ When Heidi isn’t with her good buddies, she’s busy being a Wife and Supermom; I have a five-year-old daughter who has developed an unconditional love for helping all types of animals. I've spent much of my life helping stray animals find loving homes. I have even helped abandon exotic animals such as sugar gliders :-) I believe my greatest gift to animals is to help them regain trust in the human race. In my spare time, I enjoy crafts such as making holiday wreaths and event gift baskets.


It would be my pleasure to meet you and care for your 'good buddies!


  Part of the Pet Care by Cynthia family since 2019

Hello, I'm Melissa. All my life I've had a lot of pets and that hasn't changed! I currently have dogs, hairless cats, prairie dogs, axolotls, and a genet. My grandparents taught me at a very young age to be gentle and kind. They would tell me, "they're just little critters that give you their best everyday, so you give them yours." My favorite thing about pet care is getting to see all the animals and get to love on them. I work really hard with the shy ones and I am thrilled when I get a break through! In my spare time, I like to needle felt animals, take care of my succulents, and I have been a consistent volunteer with victims assistance for the past 14yrs. 


I can't wait to meet and care for you 'little critters.'


  Part of the Pet Care by Cynthia family since 2018

Hello, I’m Shannon! I am the proud Dad to a 14-year-old Fox Terrier named Beemer with a ton of ‘tude, and a 5-year-old Mastiff/Boxer mix named Ella who has no idea she’s a giant! I’ve had dogs my whole life and no matter how big or old they get, they will always be puppies to me. My best days are spent with my wife and my two puppies laying on the couch cuddling, watching funny animal videos, or making music for DJ gigs- Beemer’s quite the studio assistant!


I joined Pet Care by Cynthia because I believe in the love and care provided by the team. I can’t wait to meet and help take care of your furry family members!