Welcome to Pet Care by Cynthia and thank you for visiting my website! My Name is Cynthia Vasquez, and I am the proud owner and founder. I have been caring for pets since I was in my early teens as a hobby and decided in 2017 to start my own business and meet more animal lovers like myself. I have always had a passion for animals and have been known by family, friends and neighbors as the go-to person for all things animals: day or night, common question or not, and most importantly, pet care. In fact, I’ve cared for so many pets in the neighborhood over the years, that there’s a long running joke with my neighbors that if a dog or cat got lost, I was the one to call because somehow, they would make it to my house so they could be reunited with their families!


I’ve come to learn that most pets love to be at home where they feel comfortable and safe- I know I do. Most importantly, they want love and attention (something I am good at). I was the one in my family who almost refused to go on a family vacation because I didn’t want to board my dogs and I didn’t want just anyone to have access to my cute babies. The families that my staff and I care for will tell you that we work hard to earn your pets trust and respect, and show them they are loved and kept safe, specially while you are gone. We build special bonds with all your fur-babies and they truly look forward to seeing us; and we truly count down the days when we get to see them next! (lets be honest, most pet lovers are introverts and we enjoy the one-on-one time).


When I am not caring for furbabies, I am usually watching Judge Judy, Law & Order: SVU or Chicago PD (re-runs are my favorite). I am a book lover and always have a psychological thriller on hand, Half Price Books is a home away from home for me! I also enjoy exploring Austin and all the vegetarian restaurants, but my favorite thing to do is play with my babies, Precious and Buster. Precious is a 54lb mountain cur mix. Her nicknames are Precious Love, Lean Bean, Mama Love, Mama Prec and Prec (pronounced Presh). She loves to play tennis ball and is a master at destroying her toys. She is always full of energy and will not let you sleep in bed without her. I could not imagine my life without my Precious girl. Buster Brown is a rescue and my big baby. He is a 112lb shepherd mix who loves walks, enjoys staring at you like he is judging you and thrives on hiding Precious’ toys from her because they are annoying to him! He always gets his way because he is just so cute and that is just the way it is.


Again, thank you for visiting my page and I look forward to seeing your babies and hearing from you!

~ Cynthia